Glider Goodies

**please allow up to 2 weeks for completion and mailing!**

All prices include free shipping in the United States!

"Joey Saver" Pouch - pouch and hammock all in one! Approx. hammock size is 17x12 and pouch is approx. 9x8.

$20 each, buy more than one and get 25% off each one.


Wiggles' Palm Tree Forager - a vine tree with palm tree leaves that have hidden areas for treats to be hidden in. Can be made in any colors, not just tree colors! $15.00



The Crazy Comet - a fleecy orb toy with lots of tails, bracelets, and a bell. foraging cup can be added by request. $12


Patchwork pouches $15 - made by request to order

Cage sets - made to order so you can get just the pieces you want!

These are prices for single items. If you want a complete set discounts are given depending on the size of the set. Please email me your desired set pieces using the email address to get a quote on set pricing.

Regular Pouch (fits 1-2 gliders) $8
Jumbo Pouch (fits 3-6 gliders) $10
Square Hammock $8
Corner Hammock $6
Bridge $8
Tunnel $8
Vine (3 feet long)* $9
Braided Rope (3 feet long)* $9
Water Bottle Holder $5
Joey Saver pouch $20
Palm Tree Forager $15
Crazy Comet $12
Patchwork Pouch (regular size) $18

*longer lengths by request, $3 per foot


More Specialty Cage Items - Coming Soon!!