Wiggles, Willow & Arian

Wiggles was one of my first sugar gliders. He is a neutered gray OOP 10/19/06 and is from Lynsie at LuckyYou Gliders. He is my favorite glider (shhhh! don't tell the others!). Willow is a WF 66% leu het (her son Arian proved her to be a 100% leu het!) who was OOP 12/14/06. She is from Kris DeRose at Glider Craze. She is blind in one eye due to an eye injury at just a couple weeks oop. Arian was my first joey. He is a neutered WF 33% leu het (proven 100% het) who was OOP 9/6/07 and was bred here at Glidin' High :) He lost his mate in April of 2011 and was introduced back to his parents at that time to add to my non-breeding cage so he wouldn't be alone.

willow willow willow stellawillow stellawiggles wiggles